HACCP Requirements

 (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)

There is a disturbing trend amongst the current hygiene products of most food processing/manufacturing premises in South Africa that do not comply with the recently upgraded standards in the international food industry.

Regular audits on the food manufacturing company’s note they do not comply with stricter annual international standards.

The first concern is bacterial cross contamination in the work place.  Therefore the products outlined herein are recommended in order to ensure that the equipment used is HACCP complaint.


  •  Ensure that it is not necessary for your staff to touch any dispensers when washing hands, this would include the soap dispenser, hand sanitizer and paper towel dispenser (i.e. use of dispensers with sensors)


  • Ensuring that the soap and hand sanitizer cannot be contaminated (i.e. ensuring that the soap comes in a sealed container such as a bag in a box or sachet system).


By complying with all of the above you will ensure that your employees are not touching any equipment unnecessarily and therefore minimizing the chance of cross contamination.

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